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Modern Expo Shelving

Modern Expo Shelving

Maximize the potential of your retail space with Modern Expo’s modular shelving system.

Sleek Aesthetic Meets Functionality 
Not only is the modular shelving system for retail stores highly functional, but its sleek and modern design also seamlessly complements any store aesthetic. From grocery stores to high-end boutiques, Modern Expo shelving enhances your brand image while providing efficient storage solutions.

Adaptable to Any Sales Environment
The beauty of opting for a modular shelving system is its adaptability. Whether your sales floor changes seasonally or you’re revamping your entire layout, these modular designs can be easily adapted to meet any sales conditions.

Customizable Accessories and Configurations
One of the standout features of the Modern Expo line is the wide range of accessories and combinations available. Transform a basic shelving unit into an individualized solution that showcases a variety of products, all while optimizing your sales space.

Modern Expo Shelving

FS Shelving System
Middle Back Panel Solution

  • Efficient use of shopping space
  • Excellent solution for island units
  • Variety of accessories
  • LED lighting for hinged shelves
  • Wire shelf and back panel options
Modern Expo Shelving

KM Shelving System
Back Panel Solution

  • Versatility for different retail formats
  • Ideal solution for wall units
  • Variety of accessories
  • LED lighting for hinged shelves
  • Storage racks integration
Double sided with a 50mm pitch that works in all styles of a market.

SG50 Shelving System
Classic European Shelving

  • Compatibility with other similar systems
  • Easy installion of accessories
  • LED lighting for hinged shelves
  • Shelves can accomdate a 50mm pitch

Shelving for a variety of departments

Perfect for both Convenience Stores and Grocery Stores


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